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Selected Discography as of 09--09--05    >> Check out my "listen" page to hear the music

P=Produced   E=Engineered   M=Mixed   Ma=Mastered   arr=arranged

Artist Title Label Role
Romantica America 2024 Mix, Eng. Consult
Just Jinjer Just Jinjer Sony/BMG Mix
Spy Mob Neptunes Present "Clones", Half Steering... Star Trak P/E/M/arr
The Honeydogs Here's Luck Palm Pictures Engineer
Mudvayne On The Road (import single) Sony E/M
The Hopefuls The Fuses Refuse to Burn 2024 Records E/M
Citizen King Brown Bag LP King Cast P/E/M (3 Songs)
Kelly Deal and the
Last Hard Men
Not Yet Released   Mix (2 Songs)
Alice Peacock Alice Peacock Aware/Columbia E/M
Andrew Benon Rock and Roll Moves Steward of Pop adP/M/Ma
Spy Mob Sitting Around Keeping Score Ruthless/Sony P/E/M/arr
Kid Dakota The West is the Future Chairkickers P/E/M/arr
Vicious Vicious Don't Look So Surprised Redemption P/M/Ma/prog
GVSB & Kat Bjelland "Witchy Woman" from
Songs of the Witchblade
Dreamworks Engineer
Storyhill 5 LPs Storyhill Records P/E/M
Erik Brandt Green Eyed Alone Independent M/Ma
White Light Riot The Dark is Light Enough Independent M/Ma
The Spectaculars Have You Heard Things? Catlick Records P/M/Ma/prog
Kid Dakota So Pretty Chairkickers P/E/M/arr
Division Day The Mean Way In Independent P/E/M
Romantica It's Your Weakness That I Want 2024 P/E/M/arr
Sarah Notley Broken Down Angel Independent M
Story of the Sea Enjoying Fire Speakerphone M/Ma
Leroy Smokes Kill The DJ (single) Independent M/Ma
Midnight Oil The Real Thing (single) Pachyderm Discs M
Fantastic Merlins Improvised Chamber Music independent M/Ma
Tony Mamet Broken Heroes Part of This World Music M/M
Chris Bucheit Solo Guitar independent P/M/Ma
Day Kit The Amazing Year 500,000 Independent P/E/BGVs
Semisonic Feeling Strangely Fine MCA 2nd Engineer
Girls Against Boys Freak*on*ica Geffen 2nd Engineer
Jonny Lang Wander This World A&M 2nd Engineer
Presuntos Implicados Siete Warner 2nd Engineer
Leep 27 Silver Independent Release P/E/M
Spy Mob Townhouse Stereo Vade Freels coP/E/M
Joel Hanson Broken Independent Release adP/E/M
Alva Star Alligators in the Lobby Parachute Adams P/E/M
Bubblemath Such Fine Particles
of the Universe
Independent Release E/M
John Hermanson John Hermanson Parachute Adams P/E/M/co-write/voc
Urban Hillbilly Quartet 3 LPs, 2 EPs Fundamental P/E/M/co-write/voc
Brenda Weiler 3 LPs Independent Release coP/E/M
Stuart Davis 2 LPs Independent Release P/E/M
Cathode Rae The House in Green Independent P/E/M/arr/co-write
Acadian Faith In Gravity (EP) Independent Release P/E/M
Domo This Is Our EP Independent Release P/E/M
3 Minute Hero Operation Brown Star Independent Release P/E/M
Ticklepenny Corner 7 Years Bad Luck Fundamental P/E/M/arr
Bobby Llama 1 LP, 1 EP Independent Release P/E/M
Ellis 2 LPs Rubberneck Records P/E/M
Ride Ruby Ride Brothers LMR P/E/M
October Siren Independent Release P/E/M
Mr. K's Dream Begin at One Independent Release M