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Alex Oana

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Now Playing at the One Seat Theater

The Twin Cities' SuperGroup.

Mixing and Mastering

best bits / hits


A velvety Irishman fronting a band of rootsy diversity

Mixing and Mastering

National Side
Need You Tonight
Drink the Night Away Moves

Just Jinjer
Just Jinjer

South Africa's biggest selling pop band.


best bits / hits

Vicious Vicious
Don't Look So Surprised

Second record I mixed on my HD system after arriving in LA. I added production and programming on Police and played synth bass on Police and Serious Thing.


Serious Thing

Too Much Time On My Hands

Here Come tha Police

Don't Look So Surprised

photo by Kii Arens Sarah Notley
Broken Down Angel

First album mixed on my HD system in my LA mix room.


Something Sacred

Your Jericho

Nowhere Is Home

photo by Kii Arens Mudvayne

Pro Tools editing and mixing. Mixed on API Legacy.


On The Road

photo by Kii Arens

Andrew Benon
Rock-n-Roll Moves

Andrew Benon wears his influences on his sleeve for the sake of all our guilty pleasures.

Additional production, mixing, mastering.


Music All NIght
Secret Hideout
Sky is Down
Rock-n-Roll Moves
Our World

photo by Kii Arens

White Light Riot
The Dark is Light Enough

"White Light Riot sound refreshingly like themselves, yet they'll satiate that
part of us that loves Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, and U2. They perform live and
write songs way beyond their years which is exactly what young
music fans need: something great to believe in."

Produced by the ever talented Erik Appelwick.


Bitter Beginning edit
Out of Sight
The Order
Tuning Out

photo by Kii Arens Story of the Sea


You Look Like

photo by Kii Arens The Spectaculars

We started with a basement recording with great ideas and performances and ultimately delivered the sound we had in our heads.


Dear Sexy
You on Me
The Save
Holy Hannah
Mista Ambarosia

photo by Melisa Jelatis Kid Dakota
The West Is The Future
Chairkickers Union

Recorded at Seedy on the API with Neve 1064s. Mixed to Ampex 1/4" ATR 100 at RichLube.



Pilgrim excerpts
Winterkill excerpts
Ivan excerpts
Ten Thousand Lakes excerpts
Starlight Motel
Homesteader excerpts
2001 exerpts
Atomic Pilgrim

photo by Kii Arens Romantica
It's Your Weakness That I Want
2024 Records

On My Mind won 2nd place in the 2005 International Song Writing Contest referred to in The New York Times as ‘THE song writing contest to take note of.’

The first two tracks were done entirely at Citycabin, There She Goes at Seedy Underbelly.

Mastered by our friend Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC.

On My Mind


There She Goes

photo by Kii Arens The Hopefuls
The Fuses Refuse to Burn
2024 Records

Drums recorded to tape (Tascam 8 track). Mixedat RichLube, Oakland, CA.

Let's Go! was featured on Television's The O.C. in January.




Book Of Love (new single)

Let's Go!

photo by Sheila Ryan Leroy Smokes

Produced by Eric Fawcett of N*E*R*D. I did some programming and remixing/mixing.


Kill The DJ

Inside Out

photo by Dave Turner

Sitting Around Keeping Score

Recorded on API Legacy at Seedy Underbelly (Minneapolis). Mixed at Mastermix on the SSL 4056G+ (Minneapolis).

Thinking of Someone Else final album version was edited from a recording I did (P/E/M) at Seedy Underbelly and a version by Steve Lironi (P) and Tom Lord Alge (M).


Thinking of Someone Else

Sitting Around Keeping Score

photo by Dave Turner

Brenda Weiler
Cold Weather

Recorded and mixed at citycabin, MPLS. Co-Produced by Darren Jackson, John Hermanson, Alex and Brenda. In the song California those are real drums played live by Eric Fawcett.



Noella Rae

Sunray (from Fly Me Back)

Citizen King
Brown Bag LP
King Cast

You'd never guess it was recorded live on 8-Track ADAT. Mixed at Sound Sound, Milwaukee. Sounds great. Citizen King are fun, amazing guys.


Good And Gone


image by Rohner Segnitz Division Day
The Mean Way In

Recorded and mixed at Tiny Telephone, San Francisco. Because of John Vanderslice, owner of Tiny Telephone, and Division Day I met the amazing woman to whom I am now married.

The beautiful sound of this band is matched by Rohner's gorgeous album artwork.


Division Day medley

image by Rohner Segnitz Tony Mamet

Produced and recorded by Sandy Chila. I picked it up from there.


All I Want

Part of This World

Broken Heroes

photo by Melisa Jelatis Kid Dakota
So Pretty LP
Chairkickers Union

Recorded and mixed at citycabin.

Get Into The Groove was commissioned by German Label My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings. A great interpretation of the Madonna classic with drum programming by Darren and me. I also got to play synth bass.


Summer Cold

Get Into The Groove


Day Kit
The Amazing Year 500,000

Tracked live at Seedy Underbelly on the API Legacy.

This was the final session held at Seedy Underbelly before the studio moved to LA.


Day Kit medley

Née Née
Secret Lover

Produced by Brent Paschke. Mixed at RichLube.


Wake Me

photo by John Huba Alice Peacock
Alice Peacock

Alice enlisted Joel Sayles to produce the record. Joel recruited me to record at Pachyderm and mix at Mastermix, Minneapolis. Columbia caught wind of the finished record at our mastering session in Chicago, subsequently signing Alice and hiring world famous Bob Clearmountain to remix Alabama Boy at Mix This, Pacific Palisades, CA.


Alice Peacock medley

Some Things Get Lost

photo by Kii Arens Sandy Chila

I added some production then mixed.


Lonely Town

photo by Kii Arens

Chris Bucheit
Solo Guitar

Great solo guitar performances. I mixed and mastered.


Come On Now

Farmer's Trust

Welcome Back Kotter

Mighty Fairly
Perfectly Good Airplanes

I just love this band's exhuberance and how it's captured in this song.


Wake Up

photo by John Huba Cathode Rae
The House in Green

Cathode Rae


I Remember
Waiting for What's Mine

photo by Marcus Johnson Alva Star
Parachute Adams

Singer and songwriter John Hermanson has an amazing voice. He and I have collaborated on a number of his projects, and on the production of other artists' records.

All mixed at Seedy Underbelly on the API Legacy.


Needle in Your Heart
Unhappily Yours

photo by Kii Arens

Fantastic Merlins

It's not Jazz, it's Improvised Chamber Music.


Behind the Couch

Dance Partner


photo by Sheila Ryan Stuart Davis
Stuart Davis
Post Apocalyptic

Recorded at Pachyderm on the Neve 8068. Mixed at Mastermix on the SSL 4056G+. This is my second record with Stuart and probably his 10th.

Not only is Stuart naked most of the time, but he is also bald.



Rock Stars and Models



Leep 27

Recorded at Pachyderm and citycabin. Mixed at Mastermix.

Check out the Medly of songs I put together from Silver--it's stacked with hits, just as this band is made of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet.


Leep 27 medley

Shaan Sharma


20 Years

Here's Luck
Palm Pictures

I remember recording the lush strings after having already been up all night mixing the Domo EP on the API.

Recorded at Seedy Underbelly and Funkytown. Mixed by Chuck Zwicky at The Carriagehouse. Produced by John Fields.


Wilson Boulevard

Such Fine Particles of the Universe

Listening to Bubblemath not only reveals the mysteries of Math Rock in detail, but reprograms the brain in ways which could affect the intelligence of your children's children.

Basics recorded at Seedy Underbelly. Vocals recorded at Two Fish. Mixed at Citycabin.


TV Paid Off

Doll Hammer

Miscreant Citizen

6:47 Prog! (album medley)

Joel Hanson




design Ben Levitz The Urban Hillbilly Quartet
Amelia's Boot

Recorded and mixed at citycabin--all live except for horns and a few odds and ends. There's nothing like recording 4 musicians playing together. Seems strange to say, but it has become more rare. Erik, Jeremy, Sena and Greg have been a wonderful part of my life.

Words/Wings features Noah and Beth Riemer from Ticklepenny Corner.


Words / Wings

Puck's Blues

design by Anthony Brandenburg Bobby LLama

Recorded and mixed at Seedy Underbelly on the gorgeous sounding API Legacy. Lead singer Ellis is always compelling. This is one of the first bands of my long time drummer friend J. Matt Keil.


Give Me Your Hand


Josh Aran
Between Us There Arose Happiness

Recorded and mixed at Citycabin. Produced by Justin Korhonen.


I Await You

Ticklepenny Corner
7 Years Bad Luck

I fell in love with their singing at a coffeehouse in St. Paul. We went out for drinks. Noah and Beth sang backing vocals on a UHQ record. Somehow they decided I wasn't as weird as they had thought and let me produce this record.

Recorded and mixed at citycabin.


Ticklepenny medley